A quest to connect

Idea Group is a UK business systems company developing innovative solutions for the global financial services market


Idea Group ingenuity: complex needs simple

Combining imagination with vast industry knowledge and a lateral-thinking mindset enables Idea Group to bypass conventional development methodologies where necessary and respond to challenges nimbly and with maximum effectiveness.

The Idea Group team is united by a shared belief in the power of the simple. It is natural to assume that complex problems need equally complex solutions, but nature shows us a different way - that the most powerful solutions are generally the simplest.

An elephant restrained with twined dry grass, electricity in a massive lightning strike absorbed by a thin copper wire, a catseye in the road keeping drivers safe at night - all are ample evidence that simple solutions are often the most powerful and most effective.

The Idea Group team


Ian Lyall


Ian’s expertise in the field of asset management is widely acknowledged and respected across the financial services sector. Since founding Idea Group in 1995 he has driven the company’s growth into an industry-leading Investment Management software consultancy and then guided its evolution into a broader based business systems house.


Mike Craston


Mike has 40 years’ experience in investment industry governance, board management and stakeholder relationship management. He is also Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Aviva Investors, Independent member of the Tesco DC Governance committee and a trustee and chair of the Investment committee of the charity, Independent Age.


Steve Bird


Entrepreneurial, lateral-thinking and team-focused, Steve has an outstanding record of success in growing businesses within the highly regulated telecoms and financial services markets. Steve’s work for Idea Group focuses on maximising profitability through the guided development and targeted marketing of commercially viable products.


Lauren Stewart


A qualified accountant with an honours degree in law from Glasgow University, Lauren’s experience working with some of the City’s major financial institutions, including Price Waterhouse and National Westminster Bank, has been vital to the success of Idea Group’s evolution over a period of 20 years.

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