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nova product suite

Nova is a suite of products for the Investment Management industry, to be embedded into customers’ businesses to support the processing, auditing and reporting of electronic trading.


NovaTrade automates the entire investment cycle for product providers and administrators of member records, from reception and validation of instructions, through to execution and confirmation and reconciliation.

NovaTrade’s automatic management of exceptions and audit trails reduces risk and financial exposure while providing a holdings position and pricing data.


NovaTransfer, which is fully integrated with the Origo Transfer Service, simplifies applications for pension transfers, removing and reducing paperwork and errors, simultaneously automating and monitoring the entire process.


Aggregating or disaggregating member trades as a fully integrated module with NovaTrade allows member administration systems to focus on their strengths and have an independent audit point for all trades. NovaReconcile also provides an independent audit point for the product provider.


Good practice suggests that member records and the fund position should reconcile at the close of business each day and at the same time manage trades which are in flight at that point. NovaBook creates a client workflow and a Book of Record, showing an audit trail for all trades over time. It also provides exception reports to compliance directors, should there be an SLA breach.


In these challenging times, where member records are available in a live, digital world, accurate pricing of portfolios is more critical than ever. NovaPrice validates and reconciles all market prices to ensure stale prices can never be used.


The seemingly simple reports bring unexpected complications. But seamless integration into NovaBook ensures that data for statements is always accurate and fully reconciled. NovaDoc controls and maintains advisor fees to ensure member statements always contain correct and reconciled data.